A business has many needs, and writing connects to them all. The writing needs of a company touches every aspect of its work.

Some of the writing needs are small — like brief notices or emails. But even the smallest writing jobs need quality. A wrong word or tone, even in the shortest memo, can have a costly negative impact on morale or worktime.

There are also a good number of LARGER ASSIGNMENTS where quality business writing can profit a company.


writing needs         WHITE PAPERS present company news in a more reasoned way than ads.

          But reasoning need not be rote and hard to follow. It can be striking and clear.


             COMPANY HISTORY or MISSION STATEMENT writing needs

              Expressing the foundation and goals of a business.

                                  Something you really want to mean and say as well as you can.


writing needs         BUSINESS SCRIPTS —

          for when what’s called for involves dialogue, a scenario or any kind of scripting. 

                                A well-established playwright and playwriting teacher can’t help but help.



We all know how maddening a confusing or over-technical manual is. Robert’s basic writing clarity and experience with technical instruction for IT departments in top NYC law firms will ensure your manuals are appreciated. A well-written manual keeps your customers glad they bought from you. 


BIOGRAPHIES, LETTERS, RELEASES – these and many other business writing needs, if taken care of with the same standard of excellence the company prides itself on, can’t help but prove worth the investment.


A BUSINESS WRITER’S NEED — A business writer needs to meet the people he will be writing for, and hear the voices his writing will reflect.

writing needs

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How important is good writing to your business needs? Far more important than most companies realize, says the Harvard Business Review.