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Education writing is an art that informs and holds interest. Nothing respects the learner more than high quality education writing. And if ever there’s a call for quality writing, education’s today is loud and clear. Education writing, more than any other, helps shape the future.



Robert has been a teacher since he graduated from Yale Drama School in 1971, including over twenty years at Columbia University (1986-2008) and The New School in New York City (1992-present). He has also done extensive work with Schoolhouse Network, writing for textbooks and software modules for Grades 3-12.

education writing 2His online teaching was featured in an article from The New York Times, Education Supplement, “Notes From Cyberclass” by Bruce Weber: Here is an excerpt: 


“Our teacher, Mr. Montgomery, who has taught playwriting for many years, is the author of several produced plays, including “Subject to Fits,” a musical takeoff on Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot,” which featured Ben Kingsley when it was produced in London in 1972. He proved to be a careful, diligent reader and critic, offering firm but gently worded suggestions that were both conceptual and quite specific (for instance, line cuts and phrasing changes). I have a terrible time beginning things, but something Mr. Montgomery wrote early on –that each scene is like a play in microcosm, with the characters wrestling with conflict and moving to resolve it — helped me decide that my play should start with the two main characters already angry at each other. Otherwise, I’d have had them dithering around, trying to make each other mad, but only frustrating the audience as they frustrated themselves.”

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