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                  You want your speeches to hold an audience’s attention

                                        and sound like you sound when you talk – only better!



What information do you want to convey? What ideas do you want to get across? Does the title of your speech distill your message in an interesting way?

As a speaker, do you prefer a fully scripted speech or just focus notes? Who is your audience? What brings them together here?

The special dynamics of the situation must be respected for a successful speech: the audience, the message, the amount of time, and your honest fervor for the subject.


Robert is an award-winning playwright and has taught playwriting at esteemed universities for over thirty years. He has well-reviewed experience in writing words meant to be spoken aloud in a way that brings out the strengths of the specific performer.


To give you an idea of Robert’s speechwriting skills, here’s how he edits the opening to a recent high-level speech. This is an original U.N. speech on Rotary International Day, side-by-side with Robert’s edited version.




Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a pleasure to be here among so many Rotarians from so many parts of the world. And welcome indeed to the United Nations. Let me begin by saying how strongly we believe that Rotary’s guiding principles and the Four-Way Test are consistent with the both the core values of the UN as well as the principles of the Global Compact. Such principles are especially important these days as the world struggles through a crisis of confidence and trust in markets and economies. I was reminded that Rotary’s guiding principles were first put forward as a way of helping to restore trust during the Great Depression. Then, as now, the world faced ethical and economic challenges that called for a rethinking of priorities, behaviors, and values. The parallel is worth considering. Before I discuss the topic of business responsibility, please allow me to announce the exciting news of a path-breaking partnership between the Global Compact Office and Rotary International. This agreement is designed to deepen the collaboration between Rotary and the UN – a relationship which stretches back many years. More specifically, this agreement calls for Global Compact country networks and Rotary clubs and districts around the world to engage in education and information sharing; local project implementation and collaboration (particularly with respect to addressing the Millennium Development Goals); and coordinating a collaborative effort to promote corporate social responsibility practices and volunteer leadership. With this exciting news as the backdrop, please allow me to offer a few perspectives on the role of responsible business practices in the 21st century…. Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is a pleasure to be here among so many Rotarians from so many parts of the world. Welcoming you to the United Nations feels like welcoming you home, for your values and those of the Four-Way Test have the same core that fuels the UN and the Global Compact. This shared commitment to integrity in action is our strongest hope in today’s crisis of confidence in markets and economies. That hope grows even stronger when we realize Rotary first emerged as a force that restored trust during the Great Depression, when the world faced ethical and economic challenges that called for a rethinking of priorities, behaviors, and values. The same call is heard today, and Rotary is better  able than ever to answer it.And now, deepening its historical collaboration with the UN, Rotary International has formed a trail-blazing partnership with the Global Compact Office. This agreement calls for Global networks and Rotary clubs world-wide to co-educate and share information; to join in implementing local projects and tackling the Millennium Development Goals; and to activate volunteer leadership and social responsibility in corporations. Encouraged by this exciting news, let’s get as clear as possible about what it means for business to be responsible in the 21st century. …


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