A coach doesn’t play, but does improve the playing. When you or your business has writing to do, I can help you get it done more quickly. With guaranteed quality. And the benefits of writing guidance go beyond a specific project. The more you learn about writing, the more clarity and impact you’ll bring to succeeding projects. A good writing coach gives you tools that stay sharp.


To Improve General Quality

A writing coach can be a wise investment if the general quality of your company writing seems confusing, dull, uninformative or less than effective.

The poor quality may be due to factors such as:

    • not enough time to write well;
    • undeveloped writing skills;
    • the wrong idea of what writing is or should be (a surprisingly common obstacle).

Whatever the reason, a good writing coach can:

    • identify the block and get past it,
    • better clarify the writing objective,
    • help aim the writer’s focus,
    • instill good editing habits.

For Specific Projects

Besides upgrading general writing quality, a writing coach can also make sure a specific writing project gets done on time with flying colors. A looming deadline can block people who usually write well enough. It’s worse if there’s a lot riding on the project. As an professional writer, such pressure doesn’t slow me, and I can impart that mindset to the less experienced. With my guidance — and my own writing if necessary — the project will be done well. That very guarantee is often enough to free company writers to do their usual excellent work — only better.


Robert’s long experience working with writers in business and top universities qualifies him as a coach you can’t go wrong with. He can guarantee you get your messages across in your best voice: with clarity, strength and appeal.

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