manicure editing

                                WRITING AND EDITING — HAND-IN-HAND

Editing creative work is like landscaping nature, bringing order and beauty to what springs naturally and wild. It involves the large overview as well as the tiniest detail.  

Most All Writing is Creative

A creative writer learns editing by heart from the work it takes to get published. A successful creative writer can edit creative work successfully.

Do you have a draft or section of some creative work that could use insightful review? A novel, memoir, self-help book, play, screenplay, poetry, essay or something completely different? Robert’s many years teaching writing at Columbia University and other universities plus his extensive editing experience can give you just what you need to get your work ready for public appreciation.

Robert’s Editing Creative Work – examples:

– distilling 53 volumes of diaries into a 125-page memoir about a woman’s lifelong struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. In Pain Was My Middle Name, author Anita Chung’s Acknowledgments express appreciation for Robert, whose “expertise and enthusiasm for this work goes beyond the call of duty”;

– ghostwriting a number of novels, YA and adult, including the action-thriller Dr. Vigilante, acknowledging “Robert Montgomery, who took a very rough draft and polished it into something I was proud to show, making my story come alive”;

– working in class with Jesse Eisenberg’s play The Revisionist  its 2013 New York production with Vanessa Redgrave received rave reviews;

– over 30 years experience with manuscripts: preparing, doctoring, finalizing — bettering;

– editing a successful application essay for an esteemed alumnus of the Columbia School of Journalism, a former editor of The New York Post.

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